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Welcome to My Ghostwriting Services!

I'm Ipshita, your dedicated Ghostwriter.

Are you a solopreneur, a small business owner, or a CEO with content goals in mind?

Look no further!

Engaging a human ghostwriter provides a personal touch and expertise that goes beyond what AI can offer.

I thrive on learning, gaining insights, sharing knowledge, and building connections.

My work is guided by unwavering values: honesty, integrity, collaboration, and adaptability.

While AI like ChatGPT has its strengths, my human touch in storytelling ensures your content is infused with authenticity and a unique perspective.


Let's craft your story together.


Engaging Blog Posts

LinkedIn Content

Thought Leadership Articles
Detailed Product Information,
Informative Webpages,
Training Manuals,
Slide decks.
Survey Forms.


Storytelling for engagement,
Narration of company journey,
Birth of a product idea,
Employee's narrative,
Customer experience



Targeted Keywords,
Competitor Analysis,
Competitor Content Strategy,
Industry Trends,
Content Ideas by Industry


Data Sorting & Tabulation,
Descriptive Statistics & Interpretation,
Visualization with Charts & Graphs,
Data Summary,
Integrating with Content

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